Bill Payment Kiosks

 GK 1000


Standalone Bill Payment Kiosk Solution

A bill payment kiosk is an excellent way to build traffic for your store. A bill payment kiosk from SJI ATM is a valuable service for your customers and and new profit source for you. We offer world-class bill payment machines including the Genmega GK1000 non-cash dispensing transactional kiosk. Bill payment kiosks from Genmega are user friendly self-service solutions in an economical and feature-rich platform.

The GK1000 is built on a UL291 business-hours vault and can be configured with an array of self-service solution devices including Ticket Printer, Bill Acceptor(s) and Card Dispensing modules.

The small footprint design of the Genmega GK1000 is packed with other high-end features like a 15" touch-screen LCD panel and uses a Windows XP operating environment allowing maximum flexibility for solution design.

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