Coin Operated Air Machines and Combination Air & Water Vending Stations



Motorists often need the use of air and water machines. A durable and reliable air or air & water machine combo from SJI ATM gives your customers another reason to keep coming back.


Every motorist will need to add air or water to their car at one time or another. Adding an air machine and water vending station on your property provides a valuable amenity that your customers can rely on. SJI ATM provides durable machines, reinforced against abuse with heavy duty steel, cut resistant braided steel hoses and concrete encased coin boxes. 

Cabinet Features

  • Heavy Duty (*H.D.) Stainless Steel Cabinet with removable door
  • Industry Standard Compressor
  • Solid Brass Free Flow Valve
  • Cut Resistant Steel Braid Air Hose
  • Tire Inflator with Built-in Gauge
  • H.D. Hose Hanger
  • MEDECO High Security Plug Lock with 2 keys
  • 20 AMP ON/OFF Switch
  • Removable Control Panel Bracket
  • INFITEC Multi-Coin Timer
  • Fade Resistant Decal Set
  • Fully Assembled - Ready to Install

Coin Vault Pedestal Features

  • Solid Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Ultimate Security
  • Coin Box Secured in Concrete


  • Cabinet Painted to Customer Specifications
  • Heavy Duty (*H.D.) Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Hose Reel Retractor
  • All Machines are compatible with Protel Timers


Air machines and water vending stations are the ideal amenity for your property. Contact SJI ATM today  to discuss how easy it is to add this valuable feature. 

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