We began SJI in 1991 as a small yet dedicated company providing and supporting pay telephone equipment and services to customers in the Memphis and the Mid-South surrounding area.  Our primary goal was to always serve our customers faithfully with honest, reliable service. If they needed us, we would be there.  This hard work really paid off and our customer base expanded. Before we knew it, the small pay telephone company grew quickly into a thriving business with a large group of loyal customers.



Our customers saw that we were committed to not only them but also to their success. With this, they began to inquire about additional services. We listened to their needs and in 2003, we added Air Machines to our service offering.  As with the payphone services, our customers experienced that same dedicated service to them with our newly expanded equipment services.



We diligently kept all of our equipment in good working order, pay generous and timely commissions, and are always listening to our customers to discover other opportunities to serve them with more value-added services. In 2005, we responded again to customers and added ATMs to our business.



Our newest addition to our company is our Bill Pay Machines. A Bill Pay Kiosk can help your customers can pay almost any bill from a single machine, keeping them from traveling across the city, therefore saving them time and money and creating reasons to return to your store.


We now serve customers directly in over 200 locations.

Let us be your one stop provider for ATM, Bill Payment, and Air Machines. You will experience our excellent service, increase your profitability and your customers will appreciate the convenience you provide.